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Fundraising is a great way to raise awareness and show your support for Skin Deep, while raising much needed funds for the charity. As a small organisation we rely on the support of our fundraisers to help fund many of our projects.

This is where you can help sufferers to step out of the shadows and become part of the reality which you enjoy every day. To be able to achieve our goals we must continue to raise as much money as possible via awareness and via donations.

So whether telling your friends about us, volunteering to help, or making a donation all contributions are greatly appreciated. Our organisation receives a tremendous amount of support from volunteers.

We grow stronger with your help, we work harder with your help, but we still need your help.

Any donations you make are not just appreciated, you are also able to follow specifically how your contributions are helping us, and in what way we invest them.

We have a financial obligation to meet the organisation’s goals using as little funds as necessary, while being as productive as possible and focusing you and your organisation’s donations to where they are most needed.

Many people do not realise how debilitating skin disease can be.

Every day brings different challenges and while people may see a smile on your face they often have little understanding of how painful and life-changing the reality is.

We aim to convey exactly what skin disease sufferers go through on a daily basis, and the challenges and obstacles they face just to maintain a sense of normality in their lives.

Our objective is to provide knowledge and information on various skin diseases to people around the world.

As skin disease can affect patients’ lives in many ways and it is vital to provide education on the complexities of living with these diseases. We aim to provide education and resources not only to sufferers but also the friends and families who live side by side with them. It is about all of us working together to bring greater recognition to skin disease and to highlight the need for facilities to help ease sufferer’s pain.

Our mission is to provide education, resources, and support and to raise awareness of skin disease.

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Q: Could you donate studio/office
space to SDBM?

SDBM currently runs as a virtual network of volunteers.
We all work remotely and collaborate on campaigns and events.
SDBM have a core team that are supported by over thirty extra
volunteers, (and growing).

SDBM always need volunteers, but right now, the core team are
currently in need of a 'studio/office' space in South London to use
as a communal work place.

If you are in a position to donate studio/office space to SDBM
(for any period of time) then please do get in touch, and
thank you for your consideration.


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The prevalence of skin disease exceeds that of obesity, hypertension, or cancer. Despite skin being the largest organ of the human body, dermatological research remains one of the most under funded areas of medicine. In a world where society has an increasing preoccupation with image and it’s importance to every aspect of a person’s life, sufferers of skin diseases are feeling and being more marginalised and isolated than ever.

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