By Christine Gunton

One a Day keeps the Doctor away or so the saying goes. Here’s what else they can do for you.

green apple                                     red apple                               yellow apples
Green Apple is used to maintain bones and teeth. It also aids good vision and provides anti-cancer properties. Red Apple is good for heart and memory functions well. It also reduces the risk of cancer and maintains urinary tract Yellow Apple is good for heart and eyes, immune system and also reduces some risk of cancer.

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By Kofi Dwinfour

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” The Buddha

In previous blog posts, I have written about how SDBM founder Shabana Islam opened my eyes to the issue of skin disease. My question to you is will you light the way for others? Will you share your story so that they can know that they are not alone?

Save money on your prescriptions

Pharmacy prescription sign

By Kofi Dwinfour

Many skin disease patients find that they are given multiple items on their prescriptions for their treatment. The cost can soon mount up. One chronic skin disease patient found that she was paying more than £200 per month for her prescription. This was more than she spent on food! However, there is a way in which you can cut the cost of your prescriptions.

The Burden of skin diseases

By Kofi Dwinfour

What is a disability? Who decides, more pertinently, how do these people decide? What factors are considered, and are the deciders influenced by third party forces. All weighty questions and I pose them with a purpose. There is an election coming and everybody is gearing up to shape the agenda. Everybody wants to ‘influence the national conversation’. Looks like health, specifically the state of the NHS, will be a key battleground. Endless claim and counter claim. Promises of more money, which the other side will say is a chimera, a feat of prestidigitation. Accusations of creeping privatisation that will be vehemently denied. Amid all this noise, who is speaking up for skin disease sufferers and their carers?


(Richard of York Gave Battle In Vain)

If you really are what you eat, then my New Year’s Resolution is to become a Rainbow.

We are all being actively encouraged to eat more fruit and veg. Although the current recommended daily intake is five a day, many nutritionists insist this is nowhere near enough and we really should be aiming for at least 10 a day! A daunting prospect for some (particularly for those of you with fussy little eaters!). In an ideal world this should be 5/10 differently coloured fruit and veg to gain the most benefit from all that Mother Nature has seen fit to provide us with.

New Year, same old challenges

This unfolding year is full of promise and possibilities for us at SDBM. We are well into the planning of our inaugural Annual Masquerade Ball, Fashion Show & Art Exhibition (fresh new webpage coming soon!). As exciting as the Ball is for all of us, I am mindful that we still face the same old challenges of raising awareness of the plight of skin disease sufferers.

Listen closer, do you want to know a secret?

They say it’s good to talk. I was noodling on my laptop and my mum suddenly loomed over my shoulder. I was on skinawareness.org just checking that things were working properly. She asked me how things were going with SDBM. I nonchalantly replied “ok”. Then, to my great surprise, she started telling me something she had never told me before. It was as if she was revealing a great secret.

Can you hear me now?

Recently I was talking with Shabana Islam (founder of SDBM). After some pleasant chitchat Shabana started giving me a bit of a Spanish Inquisition (nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition). After some brave stalling, I finally relented. I admitted to her that before I met her and got involved with SDBM, I was ignorant about skin disease and how it affects the lives of sufferers. I had no idea about the severity of the physical pain. I was embarrassed. Monty Python Spanish Inquisition

Great new volunteers at SKIN DEEP Behind the Mask

In a previous blog post I wrote about the joy of giving by volunteering. Since then I am delighted to welcome some amazing new volunteers here at SKIN DEEP Behind the Mask. I am truly astounded by the generosity of these wonderfully talented people. In this post, I should like to shine a spotlight on one in particular. Kimberly Kriss joins us a journalist/writer. Kimberly’s stellar career has seen her drive the direction of some of the world’s leading brands.


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The prevalence of skin disease exceeds that of obesity, hypertension, or cancer. Despite skin being the largest organ of the human body, dermatological research remains one of the most under funded areas of medicine. In a world where society has an increasing preoccupation with image and it’s importance to every aspect of a person’s life, sufferers of skin diseases are feeling and being more marginalised and isolated than ever.

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