If you would like to volunteer to be part of our Skin Deep family,

volunteering can be a lot of fun whilst donating your time to a worthwhile cause which makes a huge difference and touches many people’s lives. It is a great way of networking, meeting new people and making friends. You will have the opportunity to learn new skills, build up invaluable experience and for some people it helps build up confidence. We welcome anyone of any ability, all you need is bags of enthusiasm and motivation as any contribution makes a huge impact.

Our current team is made up of work experience students looking to gain and develop skills to further the chances of getting a job. People in full-time work but looking to put their free time to something rewarding. Some are even on a career break or have been out of work long-term looking to develop new skills and build up new experience; some are just looking to put their free time to good use and make a difference.

The common goal everyone shares is being able to make a difference and for some they hold the charity quite close to their hearts. They’ve either encountered someone suffering from skin disease whether it be family or friends or have been touched by a story. The only restriction we have is that you must be aged 16 years or over to volunteer.

Otherwise, we look forward to welcoming you into our little family of skin disease sufferers support group, skin deep behind the mask. Just fill in the short form below and we will be in touch asap.

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The prevalence of skin disease exceeds that of obesity, hypertension, or cancer. Despite skin being the largest organ of the human body, dermatological research remains one of the most under funded areas of medicine. In a world where society has an increasing preoccupation with image and it’s importance to every aspect of a person’s life, sufferers of skin diseases are feeling and being more marginalised and isolated than ever.

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