DIY Cleanser for Makeup Brushes

by Sinéad Gormley

Today’s post will be showing you how to make a very simple and extremely effective DIY cleanser for your makeup brushes. There really is no need to spend money on store bought cleansers. They often carry quite a hefty price tag, and even if you find affordable ones, why not save yourself the money and use two simple ingredients that you will find in every household to create this simple mixture.

makeup brushes

Why do I need to regularly clean my makeup brushes?

When we use our makeup brushes, bacteria, oils and dirt will inevitably build up on them if they are not cleaned from time to time. If you continue to use the same unwashed brushes on a regular basis, this bacteria and dirt will get transferred onto your skin, which can cause breakouts and/or irritation of the skin.

How often do I really need to clean my brushes?

Some people clean their brushes every day, but in reality you probably won’t do that. (I know I don’t!) For me, I find that washing them once a week is perfect. If I have a little more time on my hands, I’ll do it more often. If I’m really busy, I’ll go a little longer without cleaning them.

What you’ll need

  • Anti-bacterial washing up liquid
  • Olive Oil
  • A plate

washing up liquid_olive oil_plate

The anti-bacterial liquid will thoroughly cleanse the brushes, while getting rid of any bacteria and residue build up. Using olive oil will ensure that the brush bristles will not dry out, leaving them soft and conditioned.


Place equal amounts of both the anti-bacterial washing up liquid and the olive oil onto your plate.

washing up liquid and olive oil on plate

Swirl your makeup brush around the plate. After, massage the mixture into your brush with your fingers.

swirling makeup brush in mixture of olive oil and washing up liquid

Continue massaging the brush with your fingers while rinsing it under lukewarm water. Repeat the whole process until the water runs clear.

washing brush under running tap of water

After you have washed your brushes, simply squeeze the excess water out of them, and leave them lying flat on a towel to dry. If you leave them overnight, they will be dry by morning time. I actually find the whole process quite calming and love to clean my brushes the night before a big event, when I know I’ll be using all of them the following day.

clean makeup brushes on a towel

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