Sigh of Relief

Firstly, welcome all to Skin Deep Behind the Mask (SDBM), as you can see I have finally managed to launch our long awaited website, after months of promising it would be going live soon.
Every week, it was always next week.... but through sheer determination, hard work and a promise I made to myself to help raise awareness and help other sufferers of skin disease, here I am with the support of all my family, friends and volunteers, who have kept me propped up every time I have wanted to give up and pull the plug.

I have been trying to execute this for the last 5 years, but unfortunately due to continuous relapses and an accident with boiling water in December 2010, where I sustained second degree burns to my hands, face, stomach and inner thighs.... the launch of the charity looked even more further from my reach.

The charity is still in it’s infancy, so please bear with us, as the website is developed further and any feedback on what you would like to see on the site or ways we can improve on it, will be greatly received. We are also currently in the process of raising £5,000 to get the charity registered.

If you would like to be involved in any way or become a part of our team, please do drop us a line on or via the online form in Contact Us


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The prevalence of skin disease exceeds that of obesity, hypertension, or cancer. Despite skin being the largest organ of the human body, dermatological research remains one of the most under funded areas of medicine. In a world where society has an increasing preoccupation with image and it’s importance to every aspect of a person’s life, sufferers of skin diseases are feeling and being more marginalised and isolated than ever.

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