Latest Skin News – December 2014

Government Responds to APPGS Sunbed Inquiry (Dec 2014)

The Minister for Public Health, Jane Ellison has written to the Chair of the APPGS to give the Government ‘s formal response to the Group’s 2014 inquiry into sunbed regulation in England.

In her letter, the Minister states that a formal review will be undertaken to consider what measures can be technically brought forward by the next Government. Responding to each of the APPGS’ core recommendations in turn, the full response can be found here. [opens new window]

Using a sunbed can be fatal [link to SDBM article]

Dermatology Debate in the House of Lords (December 2014)

On the 17th December, a short debate on dermatology services was initiated by Lord Kennedy of Southwark. Lord Kennedy asked:

“Her Majesty’s Government what action they are taking to improve dermatology services in the National Health Service.”

Read more… [opens new window]

SKIN DEEP Behind the Mask and talkhealth partner on Skin forums

Skin Deep Behind the Mask has teamed up with talkhealth to bring skin disease patients forums on Acne, Eczema, Skin Cancer and Psoriasis. Got a question? Share your experience. Got something to say or just need help? Join the conversation! [opens new window]

Persistent skin disease may cause cardiovascular disease: say Japanese researchers

Researchers in Japan have found that persistent unhealed skin disease might adversely affect viscus, causing systemic cardiovascular disease and metabolic abnormalities.

Previous studies showed that psoriasis patients are more likely to develop miocardial infarction and have shorter average life span than healthy people. However, the mechanism was not known. A research group led by Yamanaka Keiichi, associate professor in Mie University, conjectured that cytokines produced by inflammatory parts of skin might have an effect on immune system.

"These findings may explain the morbid association of arteriosclerosis, heart involvement, amyloidosis and cachexia in severe systemic skin diseases and systemic autoinflammatory diseases." said the researchers in a report published recently.

No hugs for California baby with rare skin disease

“A clothing tag or rough fabric or even me picking her up under her arm can cause blisters,” Kiira’s mother, Kirsti, told KCRA in Sacramento. “I can’t hold her hand because it’s constantly bandaged. There is no skin-to-skin contact”

Kirsti Kinkle said there is no cure for the condition plaguing her 9-week-old daughter, but doctors at the University of Minnesota and Stanford are working on treatment.

The Kinkles spend hours each day wrapping up Kiira’s fingers and toes, and bandaging her hands and feet. The only way to pick up the infant is by using a soft blanket as a barrier.

 A Rough Patch? Kim Kardashian Suffers Skin Disease Psoriasis Again During Marriage Crisis has exclusively reported that Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kanye West is in crisis. The website asks whether her marital rough patch is giving the reality TV star a new case of psoriasis, the skin disease she suffers from while under stress? Click through Radar’s gallery to see the shocking photos. [opens new window]


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