Seborrhoeic Warts/Keratoses (Basal Cell Papillomas)

What is it?
These are an extremely common and benign tumour. Patients > 40, some 100’s + familiarised tendancy:

  • Looks like a brownish wart, nodule plague, upper body, head, neck regions
  • There can be one or literally hundreds !
  • They can look scaly and greasy and with a ‘stuck on’ appearance.
  • Can be flat or raised It is very common in caucasians although can affect asian and black skinned people too.

How is it diagnosed?
This is done by clinical observation. A biopsy is only necessary in rare cases if the doctor needs further clarification.

Treatment is not normally necessary as they are safe to leave alone. However, if for the patient it is disturbing then these papillomas can safely be removed under local anesthetic, or cyrotherapy (this procedure freezes the papilloma so it can be removed).

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